This 4.7kW rooftop installation features a SolarEdge inverter system powered by Suniva 325W and 275W solar panels. SolarEdge inverter systems offer several advantages over conventional inverters for sites where partial shading and space constraints are just a fact of life. Unlike string inverters, these systems are able to optimize the performance of each module individually. This can greatly improve system efficiency. Fully shading a single panel on a conventional string inverter will cause an entire string of panels to cease production. Conversely, only the shaded panels will be affected using the SolarEdge inverter/optimizer solution. These systems also allow the use of different sized modules. On this particular installation we were able to find a home for three modules on the Western facing portion of the gable. These modules will be particularly helpful during peak rate hours in the summer. To read more about SolarEdge click HERE


Norman, OK 4.7 kW Rooftop Installatoin