15.4kW Ground Mount Pawnee, OK

Take a look at this 15.4kW PV system located in Pawnee, OK. It consists of 48 X 320 watt Canadian Solar modules, an 11.4kW SolarEdge inverter, and Delta’s custom ground mount. In addition to our design build services, Delta also worked with the Pawnee municipality to implement much friendlier policies for customers that opt to [...]

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Happy Holidays

Hello and Happy Holidays from Delta Energy + Design! We thought we would show you a system we’re finishing up on beautiful Lake Eufaula. This 5kW system incorporates a Solaredge Storedge 7.6kW inverter, and will be ready for another 5kW of panels and battery storage next year. We expect to see lithium battery packs hitting [...]

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Solar Helps ALL Ratepayers

STUDIED. TO. DEATH. State after state, analysis after analysis, one firm conclusion: People that invest in solar energy systems for their homes and businesses help lower costs for ALL ratepayers. There is only one utility in the state that insists otherwise, but they have not put forth any data that actually supports their position. OG&E [...]

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Lawton, Oklahoma Rooftop Solar System

This Lawton Oklahoma rooftop solar system is located near beautiful Medicine Park and consists of twenty 280W Solarworld panels and a 5kW Solaredge inverter. Sunmodo provided the racking solution and Cotton Electric services the grid for this home solar power system. Predicted annual energy production is a little over 9,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) per year [...]

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Ballasted Commercial Rooftop

Ever wonder what modern solar racking solutions look like for commercial flat rooftops? Look no further. This 25kW solar array was installed on a maintenance building for PSO located in Chickasha, OK. The array includes SolarWorld panels, SMA inverters, and a rooftop racking system by Aerocompact. As you can see, this innovative design incorporates ballast [...]

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