Wire Management

At Delta Energy + Design, we design systems to excel in form as well as function.  Wire management is no exception. As you can see below, our custom solutions keep wires tidy and out of the way. Aside from the pretty looks, this wire guard channel also reduces the likelihood of any wire related issues and keeps them [...]

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Sulphur, OK 1.7kW Solar Water Pumping

Solar water pumping is nothing new, but this installation incorporates a value added racking solution. The Bull-Proof solar rack also doubles as a loafing shed for shade relief during hot summer days.  Prior to installation, this particular well site utilized a gas generator. This proved to be very costly, labor intensive and less reliable than Solar water [...]

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Chandler, OK Combined 50kW Ground Mount

Here are two ground mount installations right down the road from one another outside of Chandler, OK. These are particularly cost-effective investments as owners can produce electricity at or below current market rates for their +25 year life. Several factors drive this including economies of scale, optimal performance from array tilt angle, azimuth, and additional cooling (compared to [...]

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Norman, 4.7kW Rooftop Installation

This 4.7kW rooftop installation features a SolarEdge inverter system powered by Suniva 325W and 275W solar panels. SolarEdge inverter systems offer several advantages over conventional inverters for sites where partial shading and space constraints are just a fact of life. Unlike string inverters, these systems are able to optimize the performance of each module individually. This can greatly improve [...]

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Innovation from the USA

At Delta Energy and Design, we believe value and quality go hand in hand. SolarWorld panels are a prime example. The ice ball gun is impressive, but the end of the video is even better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53MY1rL8gw8  

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