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1.1kW Off Grid Cabin Prague, OK

Here is a little off grid system we built for a remote cabin outside of Prague, OK. It consists of 4 X 280 Watt Canadian Solar modules, 4 X 380 AH AGM batteries, a 2kW Victron inverter, charge controller, DC:DC, bluetooth and BMS monitoring, all connected through a Midnite Solar DC source center. Let us [...]

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Key’s West Apartments in Norman, OK

Here you'll see a 7.4kW solar installation, located at the Key's West Apartments on campus corner in Norman OK. This system almost completely offsets energy consumption from commissary usage for the entire facility. The system includes 28 X Axcitec American made smart modules, a 7.6kW SolarEdge inverter, and Sunmodo black racking. Like several of our recent [...]

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15.6 kW Ground Mount in Norman, OK

Here is another beautiful ground mount, located in Norman, OK. The system consists of 48 X 325 Watt Canadian Solar modules and an 11.4 kW SolarEdge inverter. Our custom racking allowed us to build this in a three up configuration which was the most suitable for the space. Data monitoring is achieved with the SolarEdge cellular [...]

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16.9kW Solar System Wewoka, OK

Take a look at this beautiful 16.9kW PV system located in Wewoka, OK. It will make just shy of 25,000 kWh a year and save the customer over $66,000 after paying for itself. This system consists of 52 X 325 Watt Canadian Solar modules, two SolarEdge 7.6kW inverters, and racking by Sunmodo. Call for a [...]

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