Tod Hanley

Tod’s lifelong fascination with energy began while growing up in the woods of Southeastern Oklahoma without electricity. This fascination clung with him in his formative years and eventually led him to earn a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. As a student Tod designed and built several cars. Two of the solar powered cars participated in the 1992 and 1994 World Solar Challenges across Australia, and Sunrayce 1993 from Arlington, Texas to Minneapolis, Minnesota. He also made two SAE Mini Baja cars; these are hot-rodded, off-road go carts with Briggs + Stratton engines that won a race and was awarded “best engineered car”. As a senior he started the Formula SAE program at OU. While in college Tod worked as an intern for Bergey Windpower under his then Professor, Karl Bergey. Here Tod built blades and tooling to manufacture the then new BWC 850 and thus began a passion for wind power.

After college, Tod went to work for General Motors in Warren, Michigan as an HVAC Development Engineer. There he worked on fan design and aerodynamic development for the Grand Prix and several other vehicles. But four years of grey Detroit winters were enough, so in 1998 Tod returned to Oklahoma. As luck would have it, Bergey Windpower Co were hiring for the design of a new 50 kW wind turbine. Tod remained at Bergey for 14 years working on the design of the XL 50, Excel 10, Excel 5, and the XL.1, along with various electronic controllers for both grid-tie and off-grid applications. This period saw the introduction of neodymium magnets into the alternators, redesigned airfoils, and modern PWM inverters that drastically improved efficiency and energy production. Tod continues an accomplished professional career in small wind that includes the development of several leading airfoil designs.

At the end of 2013, Tod helped found Delta Energy + Design to help bring more renewable energy to Oklahoma. The time was right and there seemed to be several opportunities to improve upon key aspects of solar energy systems.