Scott Merrick

Scott Merrick began cultivating his professional career in renewable energy and efficiency at the University of Oklahoma. Working under Electrical Engineering Professor Dr. Fagan, Scott was introduced to his first hands on experience with renewables. In 2004 Scott began to fabricate and deploy solar powered off-grid data collection systems for the FAA. While at the University he also had the opportunity to work with the Formula EV team, an open wheel electric race car. Unsatisfied with the available degrees, Scott created his own. With the help of several excellent professors and one additional student, he became the first of two IPE graduates. (Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Environment) This customized degree platform offered a depth and diversity in study not available elsewhere.

After graduation, Scott decided to help people save money by using less energy. So in 2006 he started a business as a certified RESNET energy rater. Accredited ratings assure existing and potential home buyers that homes are well constructed and perform efficiently. Computer modeling and specialized testing equipment enabled him to quantify performance and produce financial reports detailing savings from various efficiency options. These reports help people identify simple improvements that paid for themselves in a matter of months as well as those that never would. High performing homes also garnered tax credits for home builders, creating an incentive to build efficient homes.

In 2008 Scott joined the sales team at Bergey Windpower Co. There he quickly realized his love for distributed energy. By serving many roles he soaked up every bit of knowledge he could from his exceptionally knowledgeable co-workers. Soon he learned to design and install grid-tied and off-grid systems alike. He developed several domestic and international projects, and particularly enjoyed working up tower. Following the departure of Steve Wilke, Scott become the sales manager in 2012. In this capacity he managed 150+ dealers, worked to develop new markets and had eye-opening experiences lobbying Congress on behalf of DWEA.

In 2013 Scott became a founding member of Delta Energy + Design. Here he serves as a Project Manager / Developer for solar and wind projects. When Scott isn’t busy working he can be found chasing around his two boys, Emerson, and Riley alongside his wife Caitlin.