Noble, OK 40kW Ground Mount


This photo features Delta Energy + Design’s custom wire management solutions on a SunModo Rack.

Noble, OK 40kW Ground Mount Wire Mgmt.


Here you’ll see six SMA SB6000 watt inverters. These units carry an efficiency rating of 98.5% and are made in the USA. The little boxes to the right of the disconnects with the text, “SPD,” displayed are the market leading surge arrestors. Keeping your equipment safe from power surges and lightning strikes is absolutely doable, it just takes doing. Our design build philosophy is simple. We build systems to be reliable, beautiful and something everyone can truly be proud of.

Noble, OK 40kW Inverters


104 Days ago, this meter read zero. Today we’re happy to see 20,238 sunshine powered kWh. This means that our largest array yet is producing 7.6% above promised production. That’s a lot of good clean juice! 

Noble, OK 40kW Meter