Hello world. It has been too long. Take a look at this beautiful 12.6 kW commercial ground mount array at Therapy in Motion located in Newcastle, OK. It will produce over 16,000 kWh / year and will produce over $75,000 in electricity over the next twenty five years, not to mention the 30% tax credit and depreciation. This particular system includes forty 315 Watt SolarWorld modules and Delta’s custom ground mount racking solution. Two SolarEdge 5kW inverters and optimizers were used for the electronics. It’s pretty similar to the last ground mount we installed, but this time around was particularly fun because it’s in our back yard and it is tied to OEC’s grid. We had a great time interacting with Oklahoma Electric Cooperative. They really make it easy for members to go solar and the economics are unbelievable! If you or your friends and family have a home or business on OEC, give us a call today. You might be surprised to see what an excellent investment opportunity solar can be.

TIM Solar Landscape

TIM Solar Ground Mount Rear