It has been too long since our last post and we thought we would let you know about one of our recent projects. This ground mount array consists of 38 x 315 Watt SolarWorld modules, a 10kW SolarEdge inverter, and a Sunmodo ground mount with Delta’s custom rails and wire trays. However, in addition to the solar installation, a full energy audit was performed to sort out this customer’s unusually high energy consumption. The findings were dramatic to say the least. These comprehensive audits include testing for building and ducting air leakage, combustable gas and C0 testing, construction analysis, and HVAC testing. By using a door blower, duct blaster, manometers, and other specialized equipment and software, we are able to fully asses the energy performance of homes and businesses. Our HVAC analysis includes effective air handler flow/ leakage, power consumption, equipment health, and real temperature / humidity delivery. This allows us to find the true EER ratings of HVAC systems as well as confidently identify any easily fixed problems. In this case, testing identified a very restrictive return duct causing an effective EER rating of 4.2 for a three ton unit as opposed to the rated 13. The door blower test identified significant leakage in the vaulted celling. Thankfully, addressing these issues will not cost the customer too much and will save them thousands of dollars per year as well as make the home more comfortable. Contact us today if you need help sorting out your high bills. It’s quick, easy, and effective.